Group-Bourdon Tool  v.2.0

Those wishing to become a Train Driver in the UK are required to pass a series of psychometric tests, one of these is the Group-Bourdon dot-cancellation test - the infamous dot test!

Group Manager  v.1.8.0

Allows end users to manage group membership for any groups that they are assigned as the manager of in Active Directory If you have ever assigned a user as a manager of a security/distribution group in Active Directory, you may have noticed the optio


Group Policy Health Cmdlet  v.1.0

PowerShell-based utility that lets you quickly and easily determine Group Policy processing health across computers within your environment.

Aureate Group Mail  v.3.0.0611

This is the only tool you need to communicate with groups by email.

Static Group  v.1.0

Ever needed the function of a dynamic group in combination with file rights or zen application objects. This program does 'simulates' this by statically updated the memberlist of a group everytime the program is run.

Group Velocity Model  v.1.0

Study the motion of two traveling waves with this tool. Group Velocity model displays the time evolution for the superposition of two traveling waves of similar wave numbers and frequencies.

Microsoft Lync Group Chat  v.4.0.7577.4051

User client for persistent topic-based chat rooms. Microsoft Lync Group Chat client for users to join and subscribe to chat rooms, view and post messages and set filters and notifications.

Microsoft Lync Server Group Chat Admin Tool  v.4.0.7577.4051

Create categories and chat rooms. The Microsoft Lync Server Group Chat Admin Tool is used to create categories and chat rooms, define their scope and membership, create federated users and groups, manage how users can use the chat rooms,

Process Group Killer  v.

Process Group Killer is a good replacement of MS Task manager, it provide more info about each process (7 tab), can open the folder of the process and kill more than one process (each are checked) in one click.

Group-e  v.1.7.41

GROUP-E is a web-based Collaboration System developed with the server-side scripting language PHP and distributed as Open Source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Flickr Group Windows 7 Theme  v.1

Flickr Group Windows 7 Theme is created with backgrounds contributed by Flickr user in our flickr group.

Group Explorer for Windows  v.

Group Explorer is mathematical visualization software for the abstract algebra classroom.

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